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Smart Pet Health Professional keeps as much information about your animals as you wish. You can create an extensive pet profile, including a picture of the animal and owner information. You can record adoption information, to give potential adopters more »   
$ 149.95   In: Business > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 133   Last updated: 25 Mar 2004
Click here to DOWNLOAD FREE MANUAL BrainStimPro Binaural Brainwave Generator Ver. 4.00 is a Professional Medical Brainwave Tuning tool for medical personal, Using adjustable freq, base frequency, modulation, duration, more »   
$ 35.00   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 136   Last updated: 1 Apr 2009
Personal INTERAURA HYPNOSIS PROGRAM. All people have personal problems which get in the way of their lives. We can offer a unique solution for any particular problem. If you can't find a ready solution for your problem you can buy a Personal Hypnosis more »   
$ 34.45   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 21   Last updated: 13 Oct 2010
Sports Sounds Pro - Sports Sounds Pro was designed to be used at sporting and other live events to give the sound operator the ability to be able to quickly and easily add sound effects to the game or event.... ...
Hypnosis Meditation INTERAURA HYPNOSIS PROGRAM. Connect with higher aspects of your Self with this extraordinary meditative tool. The deeply relaxing sound patterns of Hypnosis Meditation will gently lead you into powerful, free-flow explorations and more »   
$ 14.45   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 19   Last updated: 27 Jul 2011
EZSymptomSurvey is the simple, easy to learn, and easy to use program for analyzing the Symptom Survey Form. Using EZSymptomSurvey makes it possible for office staff to quickly process the patien more »   
$ 49.95   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 156   Last updated: 2 Oct 2009
PDA program to monitor diet, exercise, carbs. Build-Edit-Delete meals and menus. Create-Edit foods. Edit main food database. Track Water, caloires plus seven other values. Build-Edit-Delete Exercises. Complete control over historical data. GRAPH more »   
$ 19.56   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 147   Last updated: 1 Apr 2009
Six Course Online Medical Coding Certification Program that provides a strong foundation to help prepare participants for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) CCA, CCS, and CCS-P certifications and the American Academy of Pr more »   
$ 699.00   In: Education
OS:   Last updated: 1 Apr 2009
The online career advancement medical coding certification and employment preparation program includes three college-level coding courses: Introduction to Medical Coding ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Level II; Advanced Medical Coding ICD-9-CM; and Advance more »   
$ 299.00   In: Education
OS:   Total downloads: 4   Last updated: 22 Oct 2009
Alpha Trainer is the most advanced Personal Training and Fitness app that gives each user a Customized, 14-week Workout Program, based on his or her own, unique goals! We have the largest library of over 100,000 customized fitness programs (and gro more »   
License: Freeware     In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 3   Last updated: 22 Aug 2013
The No Red Face Formula is a prevention method for people who suffer from a red face when drinking alcohol (aka Asian flush or alcohol flush reaction). more »   
$ 37.00   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 1   Last updated: 7 Oct 2015
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to change habits, negative personality traits, physical inhibition, psychological blocks, fears, phobias, etc. It has also been used to aid creativity, learning, mental and physical performance, concentra more »   
$ 19.95   In: eBooks
OS:   Total downloads: 24   Last updated: 18 Apr 2012
Hypothyroidism is the most common disorder of the thyroid gland. It is a condition in which insufficient thyroid hormone is produced, meaning that the thyroid gland has become underactive. Hyperthyroidism is the term for an overactive thyroid gland, more »   
$ 19.90   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 3   Last updated: 2 Feb 2012
Only available in german. English version will follow soon. more »   
$ 15.71   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Last updated: 2 Oct 2009
Lose weight with Lose It!. We help you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal. We think it?s the best calorie counter and weight loss app available. EFFECTIVE Lose more »   
License: Freeware     In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 58   Last updated: 5 Jun 2014
Parental Control Monitor is an excellent parental control program for child computer usage and internet online safety. This parental control software integrates internet/web filtering, time control, screen monitoring, and other advanced control and m more »   
$ 39.95   In: Education > Kids
OS:   Total downloads: 11   Last updated: 20 Aug 2009
System Suite SDK is the complete collection of ActiveX components for software developers and software authors. With this developer kit you can easy create applications which let user keep up Windows clean, stable and fast (ex. Advanced System Care, more »   
$ 1900.00   In: Development > Active X
OS:   Total downloads: 34   Last updated: 14 Aug 2015
KidsWatch Time Controlâ„¢ is one of America's leading Parental Control Software packages that allows you to limit and control the time your children spend on the computer, access the Internet or play games. Time Controlâ„¢ helps you block unwanted so more »   
$ 34.95   In: Home & Hobby > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 185   Last updated: 1 Nov 2003
KidsWatch Time Control is one of America's leading Parental Control Software packages that allows you to limit and control the time your children spend on the computer, access the Internet or play games. Time Control helps you block unwanted software more »   
$ 29.95   In: Network & Internet > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 210   Last updated: 1 Sep 2004
One of the most powerful yet subtle ways in which you can control your mind and tune it to achieve your goals, is through subliminal messages. Subliminal Plus is an advanced and highly interactive program that continuously flashes subliminal messages more »   
$ 24.99   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 17   Last updated: 24 Jul 2008
Stretch Break is an ergonomic software program that helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) by gently reminding you to take periodic breaks while using your computer. Every 30 minutes (default) it asks your permission to show yoga-based stret more »   
$ 44.95   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 56   Last updated: 30 Nov 2009

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