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This program allows you to easily record your bloodglucose values from your self-test kit. Along with each entry, you can recordthe date/time the event occurred, such as Pre-meal, exercise etc, as well as any medication you may more »   
$ 10.00   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 4   Last updated: 19 Dec 2015
An easy to use log book for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels during exercise to see how you react to exerise. This program was designed to help those persons with diabetes to monitor their blood sugars during periods of exercise. more »   
$ 12.50   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 2   Last updated: 19 Dec 2015
What's New Beam all records associated with a logbook or only 1 immunization record to another Palm handheld (both need this program). Purge all logbooks and all records. Purge all records in the current logbo more »   
$ 8.00   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 6   Last updated: 19 Dec 2015
Sports Sounds Pro - Sports Sounds Pro was designed to be used at sporting and other live events to give the sound operator the ability to be able to quickly and easily add sound effects to the game or event.... ...
Version 1.3 update: Use either US English or Metric measurements Bug Fix - weekly view of data in a new year but part of the previous year Total walking stats can be saved as a Palm Memo Walking is a way more »   
$ 12.50   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 1   Last updated: 19 Dec 2015
The perfect companion software to the following publications: The Omega-3 Connection: The Groundbreaking Anti-depression Diet and Brain Program by Andrew L. Stoll, M.D., Director of the Psychopharmacology Research Lab at Boston's McLean Hospital and more »   
$ 19.00   In: Home & Hobby > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 187   Last updated: 15 Nov 2002

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