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Just as the body develops physical muscle with exercise, the brain develops mental muscle (myelin & dendrites) with mental exercise. Use this application to strengthen your brain and improve your overall thinking abilities. more »   
$ 7.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Total downloads: 1   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Need: Re-invent your job and enhance your career with innovations in your own work area. Solution: This application is designed to learn innovation by doing it. It is for you to take control and make your own job better. Its not about you sugge more »   
$ 29.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Need: This simplified Six Sigma application improves your business and organizational processes. Solution: The following five DMAIC smart-books are included in this package: 1. Define: Define the Customer, Critical to Quality (CTQ) issues, and more »   
$ 29.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
info-the-hypnosis-handook - Hypnotize strangers even without them realizing it!Quickly hypnotize groups, individuals or yourself.Hypnotize subjects instantly & wake them again.Pre program and then trigger behavior in your... ...
Need: Use this application to jump start your meeting planning by choosing from pre-developed meeting agendas. Solution: Also use this application not only for planing but during meetings by accessing a powerful thinking task matrix that helps as more »   
$ 49.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Need: Set meaningful goals that are achievable. Solution: If you dont know where you are going, how are you going to get there? Unknown. This quote essentially says describes the purpose of goal setting. Use the following four step process to more »   
$ 9.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Need: Guide your students to develop their own great questions with this application of 28 trigger question sets. Solution: The cornerstone to effective thinking is having good questioning abilities. What separates exceptional from average thinke more »   
$ 14.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Total downloads: 2   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Project management knowledge and practices are best described in terms of their component processes (Phases): Phase 1: Project Initiation; Phase 2: Project Definition & Planning; Phase 3: Project Design, Development & Testing; Phase 4: Proj more »   
$ 24.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Need: This application provides tools for common critical thinking works tasks. Use them for your MBA courses or on-the-job. Solution: MBA Mentor is a 475 page hypertext MS Word application. It contains cognitive tools, called Thinklets, that rep more »   
$ 29.95   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009

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