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Featured by Apple in the App Store Best of 2013! Get a complete full body workout in just 7 minutes! Based on the "Scientific 7 Minute Workout" originally published in ACSM's Health and Fitness Journal and seen in the NY Times, but improved upon by more »   
$ 1.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 13   Last updated: 17 Jan 2014
Currently featured in Best New Apps. Limited Time Sale! - Normally $3.99 You've seen it, but had no idea what to do with it! Now you can get an incredible workout, right here. Let the experts from Kettlebell F.I.T. show you how to trim fat, improve more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 7   Last updated: 1 Nov 2013
Everything you know about stretching is wrong. Performance Stretching will show you how to do it right. Most people learned back in elementary school that they should do static stretching (where you hold a stretch for a few minutes) before running more »   
$ 2.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 14   Last updated: 14 Jun 2013

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