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Catch a Cheater details all the options that are before you in collecting information on your partner.You will learn that you no longer need to live with the lies and deciet. Catch a Cheater gives you the tools you need to succesfuly catch your partn more »   
$ 19.99   In: eBooks > Health & Mind
OS:   Total downloads: 54   Last updated: 22 Nov 2009
Religious themed PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. Includes religion related graphics, and presentation slides for religion related topics. Supports any version of PowerPoint. A fantastic collection of religious themed PowerPoint layouts and slid more »   
$ 59.95   In: Business > Office Suites & Tools
OS:   Total downloads: 57   Last updated: 6 Oct 2008
Medical and health themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a medical theme, stock photos of all types of medical items. Great collection for medical and healthcare related businesses. A fantastic collection of all w more »   
$ 59.95   In: Audio & Multimedia > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 15   Last updated: 9 Feb 2009
ApHeMo - ApHeMo is a Health Monitoring analyser for the famous Apache HTTP Server. ApHeMo makes administrators able to improve security, reliability and to easily detect attacks from hackers (scans,... ...
Health and medical themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a medical theme, stock photos of health and medical equipment and situations. Great collection for hospitals and medical professionals. A fantastic collecti more »   
$ 59.95   In: Development > Web Authoring
OS:   Total downloads: 16   Last updated: 14 Jan 2009
Enhance portrait shots automatically! Glamourizer makes it easy to create perfect glamour portraits from ordinary snapshots. Automatically locating all human faces in a picture, Glamourizer makes skin look smooth and natural while removing small impe more »   
$ 29.95   In: Graphic Apps > Editors
OS:   Total downloads: 15   Last updated: 23 Nov 2009
Software to automatically calculate, track, document and report limb volume changes in persons treated for limb edema and lymphedema. The software was "field-tested" by experienced therapists and nurses; it got rave reviews. Also, feedback from refer more »   
$ 179.95   In: Home & Hobby > Science
OS:   Total downloads: 322   Last updated: 2 Oct 2009
The Health Care Icons collection includes a variety of carefully drawn icons that represent health service themes. They'll benefit anyone who wants to give a vivid look to a project, without a long-term design process. These fine icons have a high ey more »   
$ 99.00   In: Desktop > Icons
OS:   Total downloads: 1045   Last updated: 7 Sep 2011
Develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists with a set of Medical Toolbar Icons. The set contains over 300 icons representing various medical objects including Ampoule, Syringe, Ointment, Thermometer a more »   
$ 99.95   In: Development
OS:   Total downloads: 1026   Last updated: 20 Mar 2013
Using the set of Perfect Doctor Icons, it is possible to develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists. The comprehensive set contains icons depicting various medical objects including ampoule, syringe, more »   
$ 49.95   In: Desktop > Icons
OS:   Total downloads: 1055   Last updated: 11 Mar 2013
Mixing fun, adventure and a healthy dose of learning, join Teddy Floppy Ear on his new mountain adventure as he visits his uncle, who is a painter, living in the mountains! During these mountain travels Teddy will solve puzzles and learn the basics o more »   
$ 6.99   In: Games & Entertainment > Adventure & Roleplay
OS:   Total downloads: 6   Last updated: 23 Feb 2015
**48 hours launch sale - 50% OFF** Indulge in exotic and exciting experience on iParadise island. This game is your ticket for two to exotic island, where you should take every chance to win the heart of your darling once and for all. Choose the g more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 20   Last updated: 15 Apr 2010
Somewhere there is a factory where vegetables become canned, but one of them will escape. And I don?t think I have to tell you where does healthy food come from? The worst part is that the only escape route is a dangerous trip through toxic waste ma more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 19   Last updated: 3 May 2010
It's an exciting game! Various opponents, unique gameplay, nice graphics. You can play with accelerometer. Everybody must think of their health. Your uncare about health and safety is results in death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7WAJqU_E64 more »   
$ 1.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 18   Last updated: 27 May 2010
Be a force for good! Rescue adorable endangered virtual pandas and plant real trees on Earth, all from an ?extremely enjoyable? Gamepro featured app of the week! RESCUE ENDANGERED PANDAS - Poachers captured a panda and her babies are lost in the Ch more »   
$ 2.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 24   Last updated: 29 May 2010
OPTIMIZED FOR iPHONE 4! High-definition graphics that fully utilize the iPhone 4 Retina display. The benchmark of action-adventure games on next-gen consoles for your iPhone and iPod touch. **IGN: "Assassin's Creed looks fantastic. This is a console more »   
$ 4.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 17   Last updated: 23 Mar 2012
The first & only interactive gun app with auto zoom, featured in "iGun Traffic Rampage" youtube movie! Shoot around to earn cash and unlock weapons and options! For the ultimate experience, max up the volume! The top selling gun app that made into more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 46   Last updated: 31 Aug 2010
Brought to you by Alt12 Apps, makers of BABYBUMP. the number one paid pregnancy app. Pink Pad is a central hub for women. Enjoy these features: Community Health tracking Period and pregnancy planning Reminders Pink Pad is a health and lifestyle t more »   
$ 1.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 30   Last updated: 3 Sep 2010
?? Featured in the Gorgeous Games by Apple !!! ?? ?? "Samurai II is a very entertaining title with solid gameplay and stunning graphics." MacWorld.com ?? The long-awaited sequel to Samurai: Way of the Warrior has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad! more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 29   Last updated: 27 May 2012
myWeight is the best new way to track your weight. The beautiful high-resolution graphics and interactive controls will have you looking forward to tracking your weight each day. Meet your Goals. myWeight can help you lose, maintain or even gain wei more »   
$ 1.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 19   Last updated: 9 Nov 2010
???Limited time offer $2.99??? ?Tracknburn is a great companion app for tracking your food and workout, and keeping you on task towards your fitness goals.? -FreshApps. So now its your turn to join thousands and Tracknburn. Isn't it time you Final more »   
$ 2.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 42   Last updated: 13 Apr 2011

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