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Aloaha sign! is an excellent tool to validate PDF, d2d, p7m, xmldsig and PKCS #7 signatures. Furthermore it is possible to digitally sign virtually any file type with any native supported smart card. Features: Validation of digital Signatur more »   
License: Freeware     In: Business > Office Suites & Tools
OS:   Total downloads: 15 , Weekly: 1   Last updated: 1 Feb 2014
The protection of your sensitive data is often disregarded. But the encrypting of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES- or Blowfish-Algorithm is relatively simple. With the help of the Easy Encryption Technologie (EEnTe) only few more »   
$ 21.39   In: Security & Privacy > Encryption Tools
OS:   Total downloads: 368 , Weekly: 1   Last updated: 29 Nov 2016
Contains...all in .rtf format - all compatible to word. 602 Personal and Corporate forms listed below: Banking, Collections, Finance •Abatement of Litigation Agreement •Account Assignment •Accounts Receivable: General Assignment •Accounts Re more »   
$ 8.38   In: Business > Office Suites & Tools
OS: BeOS DOS   Total downloads: 66 , Weekly: 1   Last updated: 27 Feb 2015
Ontrack PowerControls Latest Version Standard Edition (1 Server / max. 100 Mailboxes) - Ontrack® PowerControls? is designed to perform fast and efficient email search and Exchange server recovery directly from Microsoft® Exchange server backups, un-mounted database files (EDB) and... ...
This software package offer innovative and professional security and encryption modules for private and commercial use. The encryption based on the certificate based HYBRID-System according to the PKCS-Standard (RSA) and the password based SYMM-Syste more »   
$ 12.41   In: eBooks
OS:   Total downloads: 19   Last updated: 13 Dec 2011
Green Living is a free software program developed to give everyone the tools need help fight global warming. Save Our Planet provides practical tools and strategies for you to help reduce CO2 emissions and counteract global warming. In addition, th more »   
$ 69.95   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 21   Last updated: 8 Jun 2008

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