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BalanceNG is a modern software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and setup. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Hash, and Least Resource) and a customizable UDP health check more »   
$ 710.00   In: Network & Internet > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 320 , Weekly: 2   Last updated: 5 Dec 2005
Enjoy special introductory price $1.99 - only today! Staying hydrated is critical for your health because water is the key building element of our organism. It helps your muscles remove waste, maintains body temperature, nourishes and protects the b more »   
$ 2.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 22   Last updated: 8 May 2014
Have you ever had the feeling you were so occupied with work that you neglected your health, relationships with friends or family? Or perhaps you have the opposite problem: You so enjoying mixing and socializing you tend to forget about your routine more »   
$ 29.95   In: Business > Project Management
OS:   Total downloads: 9   Last updated: 27 Jun 2006
Sports Sounds Pro - Sports Sounds Pro was designed to be used at sporting and other live events to give the sound operator the ability to be able to quickly and easily add sound effects to the game or event.... ...
You feel pride and joy when you look at how easy it is to stop smoking? and how simple it was to have become someone who will never touch tobacco any more. Your family and friends will be surprised, too, at how easy it was for you to stop smoking. Su more »   
$ 17.65   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
  Last updated: 1 Jun 2010
Thee Perfect Health GeneratorNeurophonics Audio by Dr. Mel Gill “Now You Can Enjoy Perfect Health Everyday In Everyway” The Perfect Health Generator is Nature’s answer to the rising costs of Doctor and hospital bills. With so mu more »   
$ 79.00   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Last updated: 21 Apr 2011
Personal finance (budget, taxes, banks). Personal data, phone numbers, Internet sites, health records - anything! Dial bank codes! Save picture files, with dates and notes. Click on a record to see the picture! Save sound files. Click on a record to more »   
$ 29.99   In: Business > Accounting & Finance
OS:   Total downloads: 163 , Weekly: 1   Last updated: 2 Oct 2009
Saraldent provides you with the tools to run your dental practice effectively and increase productivity Its graphical user interface is easy to use and understand, minimizing staff training time. The system is flexible and designed to grow with you a more »    by 3 users
$ 300.00   In: Business > Applications
OS:   Total downloads: 287   Last updated: 1 Feb 2010
The Skinny Gut Diet: Balance Your Digestive System for Permanent Weight Loss The secret to permanent weight loss revealed. The real reason diets fail has nothing to do with calories and everything to do with the balance of bacteria in your gut. A si more »   
$ 20.50   In: eBooks
OS:   Last updated: 15 Jun 2015
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator for Windows PCs (Now supports Vista! more »   
$ 9.95   In: Games & Entertainment > Other
OS:   Total downloads: 26   Last updated: 24 Dec 2015
Family Health Care Manager (FHCM) can help you manage all aspects of your family?s medical conditions and expenses. Know exactly what you owe to providers, what your insurance company owes you, and which claims you need to submit. FHCM?s innovative more »   
$ 29.95   In: Home & Hobby > Personal Finance
OS:   Total downloads: 32   Last updated: 7 Nov 2009
Shape your life free of constraints and cope with day-to-day situations. Master your life without fear. Positive affirmations will resolve fears and undo blockades, identifications and established patterns. Fear, anxiety, nightmares, claustro more »   
$ 17.65   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
  Total downloads: 1   Last updated: 1 Jun 2010
You feel pride and joy when you look at how easy it is to stop smoking? and how simple it was to have become someone who will never touch tobacco any more. Your family and friends will be surprised, too, at how easy it was for you to stop smoking more »   
$ 17.65   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
  Last updated: 1 Jun 2010
Surfblocker helps parents keep kids away from Internet harms and business managers keep employees focused on work. With Surfblocker you can restrict access to the Web, block harmful content and decide what content is available to your users. You c more »   
US$ 39.95 US$ 27.96 with 30% discount coupon   In: Security & Privacy > Access Control
OS:   Total downloads: 50   Last updated: 16 Apr 2017
READER REVIEWS ? "The book works. It gets 5 well-deserved stars." ? "A long title, but the manual is packed with solid information." ? "... this book gives choices that are simple and easy to follow in everyday living. It's not a fad-di more »   
$ 12.97   In: Education > Home & Hobby
OS:   Total downloads: 9   Last updated: 16 Apr 2015
A little sibling rivalry can be healthy - except when the fate of the world hangs in the balance! Beatrice and Lily might look like any other pair of sisters, but they have a dark secret. Hidden from human eyes is a magic tower that contains a porta more »   
$ 6.99   In: Games & Entertainment > Puzzle & Word Games
OS:   Total downloads: 9   Last updated: 21 Mar 2017
Fitness Assistant lets you easily keep track of your diet, exercise and workouts. Just add your weight goals to the program and it will balance your calorie intake and activities to reach your goals. Plan meals and menus, add your favorite foods, more »   
$ 49.95   In: Home & Hobby > Health & Nutrition
OS:   Total downloads: 13 , Weekly: 1   Last updated: 10 Jun 2016
Limited-time introductory price! This deal won't last long - get the game before the price goes up! Armada has a true world-wide multi-player system! Choose your Armada and prepare for war in this revolutionary four player online 3D Real Time Strate more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 19   Last updated: 21 May 2010
Be a force for good! Rescue adorable endangered virtual pandas and plant real trees on Earth, all from an ?extremely enjoyable? Gamepro featured app of the week! RESCUE ENDANGERED PANDAS - Poachers captured a panda and her babies are lost in the Ch more »   
$ 2.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 27   Last updated: 29 May 2010
Recommended by Dr. Oz as a miracle for better sleep! Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise. Features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Do you have trouble going to sleep more »   
$ 1.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 29   Last updated: 5 Jun 2014
DJ Experience, anytime, anywhere! Pocket DJ is an interactive music solution that empowers your iPhone / iPod Touch with a low latency DJ scratch pad and a user-assignable controller. FEATURES: - Fun & engaging scratch pad with pressure control - more »   
$ 0.99   In: Audio & Multimedia > iPod
OS:   Total downloads: 17   Last updated: 12 Jan 2010

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