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New ParaMind for Law and BusinessSoftware Specially Created for Brainstorming in Law and Business.ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Law is a great tool for anyone who uses the law. It covers many different legal and economic concerns.ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Law has three-hundred new categories developed especially to solve problems that lawyers, business owners and politicians face every day. The program covers such diverse areas as public health, patents, negligence, landlord/tenant issues, assignment, collateral, contracts, injuries, performance, remedies, policymaking, jurisprudence, judicial attitudes and many other areas of law and business. It has over twenty Word Categories on contracts alone, and well over a dozen on issues dealing specifically with concerns of corporations.ParaMind Brainstorming Software for Law can help lawyers win any case. It is possible to come up with just the right angle that a lawyer needs to win a case or further develop a complex idea. Because of this, it can also help the average business person learn about the law.The tools of the trade of the lawyer are words. ParaMind Brainstorming Software functions by using original and enduring functions concerning language, which has made it a top selling brainstorming program for over ten years. The features of this program make it ideally suited for brainstorming in law, and it can also help in political problems from the city council to the United Nations. It does all this by targeting in on key legal and political concepts and expanding their solution areas which then results in enahanced speeches and great solutions.The general business owner can analyze and explore many areas of law in a fresh new format instead of the usual stuffy and oversized legal books. Such books can cause stress for the non-lawyer because of information overload. There are many word categories that are custom designed specically for problems and concerns in almost every business situations. The general business user can explore areas of related to law in a new, exciting and personalized format.
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