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CleverPsych is software for psychologists and other allied health professionals who run their own practices. The system enables you to record your clients, appointments, services, organisations and referring doctors, and has the aim of making operations like generating standard letters, claiming from the government and insurance companies, and reporting income, much easier. Appointments and service times are displayed in a diary. Reminders can be sent as SMS or by Email. Several reports can be displayed. Template files are used to define standard letters and reports. A manual and demonstration system are provided. Free for first 50 clients.
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How to Uninstall CleverPsych 10.4

Open Start Menu, and look for the CleverPsych program group. In the CleverPsych program group, you should see Uninstall CleverPsych. Click this to uninstall. If you don't see an Uninstall icon, Open Start Menu\Control Panel, Uninstall a Program. You should see CleverPsych 10.4 in the list. Select it and press the [Uninstall] button above it.